19 janvier 2009

GHAZA FOR TO BE FREE الي الحكام العرب

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وزعوه على المواقع الأجنبيه

انسخوه وانقلوه الى الايميل ارجووووكم
وزعوه على المواقع الأجنبيه والايميلات وفي كل مكان

I will tell you a story, a story which hasn't been heard of before.
The story of children who died without you crying for them.
The story of the land which was stolen from its citizens in front of your eyes without your care.
The story of Palestine.
Sixty years ago we lived in our homes and our land in an Arab state called Palestine.
This was its name for thousands of years. We all lived in peace with our Arab neighbors, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.
Our concern was the British occupation, and we only dream of independence.
The occupation left our country after our people's resistance, but before they left they gave the Balfour Declaration to the Jews of Europe to hand them over our land to build Jewish state there, without the attention of the original people of Palestine.
The British occupation kept their promise.
The Jews of Europe joined together and started to move to live in our land with the authority forces and weapons from the British occupation.
We were simple people, peasants and poor we have simple arms to defend our land, Thousands of us killed and driven out of our homes which have become colonies by the Jews
We felt victim to the massacres and repression and expulsion out of our Land which renamed Later by the Jewish occupation Israel
We do not hate anyone we only want to go back to our homes, since Sixty years ago to this day we resist the Occupation but the world looks to the shed of our blood with carelessness
Why do you want us to leave our land for them to live in camps without a homeland?
It is an honor to defend our land. Isn’t it our right to protect our homeland as it is your right to protect yours?
All European Jews who live in Palestine, emigrated from their original countries
Why don’t they return to their countries?
We are not terrorists but we are resisting their occupation
You always make a judgment about us without hearing our voices and without the search for the truth
Human Rights, United Nations admit our right to defend our land and restore it
But the U.S. government uses their veto rights against us with the Israeli occupiers
Recent Israeli massacres were in Gaza.
Because the resistance does not recognize the legitimacy of the State of Israel, Gaza was imprisoned for two years. No electricity, no food or medicine, and many of us died of hunger and disease. As usual people treat us with carelessness. But that's not it
In the beginning of the year 2009, Israel began its military operations in Gaza For our extermination, Hundreds were killed in a week and thousands wounded most of them are a children, our hospitals homes, and schools destroyed, but we are still resisting and defending our land and rights
United Nations issued a resolution to stop Israeli military operations but As usual the U.S. used their veto rights against us with the Israeli occupiers
I am a child who wants his home and land back
I want peace
Why do you want me to give up on the freedom of Palestine?
While people enjoy their Independence Day celebrating their freedom and dignity
Sixty-years have passed since the Occupation of Palestine and its name changing to Israel.
You are helping the continuation of this crime
We are calling you to stop these crimes
Help us to get our freedom
We want justice

old map of Palestine

from the British occupation documented

For more information about Palestine

The expulsion of Palestinians and killeing them

Jewish clerics supporting Palestine

The killing of young and old,and women deliberately for exterminated

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18 janvier 2009

slt mes amis


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